The Benefits Of Custom Garage Organization

February 15, 2012

Everyone’s garage is a location for storage. The question is how well is everything organized? A cluttered and unfinished garage is a great place to keep things but homeowners that don’t take the time to do some updates beyond a builders finish are limiting the usable storage space available to them. A well organized garage leads to more livable open space inside.  Clearing out the garage and organizing from scratch is also a great way to design a layout that fits a specific need, like an auto shop, a place forsporting gear storage or the perfect work room for tools and projects.

Contacting a company like OnWall Solutions, which helps clear out, design and install custom garages in the Greater Toronto Area, is a great way to get professional input on any custom renovation project.

Properly organizing your garage will help to remove clutter from other parts of the house. Suitcases, household cleaning supplies, tools and sporting equipment all take up space in closets and on shelves inside a home. Storing items like these up high for infrequent use or down low for continuous use helps to organize according to need. Slatwall and PVC panels allow you to store items on the wall for easy access. Unlike pegboard there is no limit to the horizontal position in which you can hang something. Slatwall also makes it easy to move things around your garage depending on their seasonal use.

If you happen to be a car enthusiast than setting up you garage with insulation and heating will help ensure that you can update, and service your car all year round. CTECH cabinets are also a stylish way to organize an auto garage with places for tools, parts and even a spot for a computer. These are the same cabinets that have been used on professional race tracks for years. They come in a variety of colours and can be custom designed to fit a specific space.

The first step to getting a professionally designed and organized garage is to get a quote from a company like OnWall Solutions.