The Perfect Home Auto Shop

February 15, 2012

For lots of people, the garage is a great place to spend the weekend, a holiday or just a quiet summer evening at home. For those who are passionate about their cars, an organized garage will add to the enjoyment and satisfaction you get from the latest service, tweak or modification. If you are a car enthusiast who is considering renovating your garage there are three things that will help to make sure you can enjoy your passion all year round; insulation and heating; flooring; and most importantly, the right cabinet storage will keep you organized.

A garage with insulation and heating will help ensure that you can update, and service your car all year round. A good renovation project starts with heating and insulation because once you have everything cleared out of the garage it’s easy to start looking into things like insulating drywall and potential heater locations. “Working in a warm place will ensure you are comfortable which means you are more likely to venture into the garage during the winter months.

Flooring is another key consideration. A polyurea coating makes for the perfect garage floor. It’s UV resistant, so the colour stays true, and it does not stain from oil and gas spills. The coating is impact and abrasion resistant, so once it’s on you know it will last a long time.

Most importantly, CTECH cabinets are a stylish way to organize an auto garage with places for tools, parts and it can even accommodate a shop computer. These are the same cabinets that have been used on professional race tracks for years. They come in a variety of colours and can be custom designed to fit a specific space. Made out of aluminum, CTECH cabinets also feature patented MotionIatch™ drawer and door handles, a Gasketloc™ countertop system and a 3.5 integrated toe kick base.

Every automotive enthusiast needs the perfect place to work on their car. Contacting a company like OnWall Solutions, which helps clear out, design and install custom garages in the Greater Toronto Area, is a great way to get professional input on any custom renovation project. They can consult on all these key items while providing an and all-in-one solution that will keep you organized so you can spend more time on your car.

The first step to getting a professionally designed and organized garage is to get a free quote.