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Slat Wall Storage

HandiWALL®is a trusted brand name in slat-wall panel systems. For OnWall Solutions, the HandiWALL® family of products are the preferred option for all wall storage projects. These quality products continueto be our first choice for load-bearing slat-wall systems.

For sales and installation, OnWall Solutions has earned a sound reputation for their top-quality products, superior workmanship, and excellent customer service. This business approach is only reinforced with the range of products and accessories from HandiWALL®.

The HandiWALL® system comprises a cellular PVC slat-wall base which is installed directly in either 8-foot panel lengths. Where it’s required, panels can be custom cut to size (and even shaped) in order to fit the smaller spaces and the awkward contours.

HandiWALL® is all about flexibility – every installed system allows for a layout that can adapt to the ever-changing storage needs of a given space. And the install experts at OnWall Solutions can fill practically any space with a secure, seamless perimeter of slat-wall.

A professionally installed HandiWALL® system is ideal for freeing up valuable floor space. It’s efficient wall storage, flexible and interchangeable, and with attachment fixtures that can hold virtually anything. There’s also the added option of easy removal and relocation.

In The Garage

Auto | Garden | Tools | Recycling | Kids | Sports

The garage has always been a space where multi-purpose is required. For automobile enthusiasts, the HandiWALL® system provides an ideal environment. For the family, there’s new found storage for sports equipment, toys and assorted gardening equipment.

Where the garage is being used as a workshop space, the storage options are endless - HandiWALL® has clear bins, hooks, and wire bins to accommodate most everything. Cleaning and maintenance is simple, with easy wiping using a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Slat Wall Storage-1

In The Home

Pantry | Mudroom | Laundry | Basement | Crafts | Pets

Inside the home and throughout, HandiWALL® offers custom organizing components for the basement, home-office, craft room, and laundry room. Every space is transformed into a clutter-free environment, and everything is much easier to find and easier to access.

For basement, laundry or pantry, organizing with the HandiWALL® system (and with HandiACCESSORIES™) will create more living space throughout the home. Over-cramped entrance ways and mudrooms are easily transformed into orderly, well-organized spaces.

Slat Wall Storage-2

In The Office + Retail Environment

Home Office | School | Library | Retail
Slat Wall Storage-3

For many, the office (and the home-based office) is sometimes difficult to organize. With the HandiWALL® system, items can be stored vertically, keeping the desk and counter areas free and clear of clutter. And with HandiACCESSORIES™, nothing has to be untidy - everything is easy to find and easy to access. The accessory line is offered in black or clear, making it quite easy to mix and match in a variety of office environments.

In a retail store environment, HandiWALL® slat-walls are an attractive, yet durable, merchandising system that allows for additional display space – something valuable for every store environment. For décor, colours can be custom-matched where required. The system is modular, flexible, and easily interchangeable.


Fully customized for the HandiWALL® slat-wallsystem, HandiACCESSORIES™ are designed to provide total flexibility for arranging, organizing and displaying. The accessory line includes racks, shelves and bins, as well as hooks, nets and baskets. All of the storage components can be custom-arranged to suit specific storage needs, with the added flexibility of re-arranging when needs change. Whether it’s the garage, office or home, HandiACCESSORIES™ can transform disorder and disarray into a clutter-free environment.

Space Saving – Strong – Durable - Good Looking

The HandiWALL® slat-wall system is designed to maximize space. From office supplies to power tools to bicycles, slat-walls allow for flexible, wall-mounted organization, using a wide variety of interchangeable accessories. Slat-walls are available in a wide selection of colours: white – taupe – gray – black – antique white – maple – oak – cherry. The panels are 100% lead free, and fabricated from PVC (recycled plastics). The surface will not chip, warp or flake, and is suitable for every style, décor, and colour scheme.

HandiWALL® slat-walls are heavy-duty, capable of holding more than 100 pounds per square foot. These are the strongest, safest and most secure panels on the market today.HandiACCESSORIES™ are designed to lock into place so that stored items remain secure on the wall. The slat-wall panels are impervious to water, offering added protection wherever installed. And when creating a wall system that comprises full coverage, there are trims and edgings that allow for a fully finished look around openings, windows and doors.

HandiWALL® product specifications

  • - made of blended cellular PVC material
  • - tested by the Underwriters Laboratories
  • - strong, resilient, no chipping or flaking
  • - 100% recyclable (Resin Classification 3)
  • - water/moisture resistant, easy to clean
  • - satin finish provides high-end aesthetics
  • - graining effect is ideal for “wood” colors
  • - scratch resistant under normal conditions
  • - color pigment throughout the entire slat
  • - scratches easily repaired, less noticeable
  • - 8-foot lengths come 4 panels per carton
  • - 4-foot lengths come 8 panels per carton
  • - color-coordinated install screws and trim
  • - profile dimension size: 12 ¼" x 11/16"
  • - compatible with all HandiACCESSORIES®
Slat Wall Storage-4

HandiWALL® technical attributes

  • - fire-tested through an independent laboratory (ASTM E84 Test)
  • - HandiWALL® slat-wall systems rank at Grade A for flame spread
  • - 3 inch “on center” slats-12 ¼" high - ¼" for tongue and groove
  • - meets with highest level ISO Certified manufacturing processes
  • - quality-tested in compliance with standards of ISO 9001:2008
  • - all components quality tested for length – form – fit – function
  • - slat shape –panel connection – accessories also quality tested
  • - quality control processes employed to ensure lot consistency
  • - calibrated in-house strength testing on every production run
  • - inspection of “first piece” to match control plan specifications
  • - product line is measured to ensure conformity to requirements
Slat Wall Storage-5

Our manufactured products undergo a final audit procedure that includes in-process inspections, color matching, and length verification. For quality, durability and good looks, nothing comes close to the HandiWALL® slat-wall system.

Slat Wall Storage-6
Slat Wall Storage-7
  • Wall-Storage-OAKCOLOUR: OAK
  • Wall-Storage-GRAYCOLOUR: GRAY
Slat Wall Storage-8
Slat Wall Storage-9

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