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Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast working from home or you may be operating from a unit space in an industrial complex of any size, you’ve surely come to know, that your capabilities of production within your field of expertise are bound to the level of space efficiency and storage capacity within your workspace.

Time is everything these days and most people working on any range of projects within the many varying fields of industrial/construction trade require a quick and hefty work environment that grants them the means of being proactive in the process of constructing, repairing, assembling and dismantling to name a few, and this can not often be simply achieved by parking the car outside the garage for a change or clearing some seasonal items into a shed, in order to merely avoid clutter. The key to a well-rounded workshop lies in having a specifically designated place for every tool and hardware item, as well as an accommodating surface area on which to perform heavy duty tasks of all kinds.

Workshop Storage Solutions

Space efficiency and innovative workshop storage solutions have everything to do with the extent to which you are able to utilize your space in order to commit to the projects in which you are focussed. This starts with the expert analysation of your potential workplace, be it a standard sized residential garage or a warehouse of gigantic magnitude and be it whether you’ve just acquired your new workshop or you’ve been hacking away inside it for years.

Our approach to revolutionizing your workshop lies in creating a highly stylized, multi-functional, fully systematic concept in storage solutions, with work surfaces that work alongside clever and efficient elements in workplace assembly, that come together in a triumph of functionality that can be run like clockwork.

Our expert team of storage specialists and space efficiency experts are driven to deliver you a customized and all-accommodating workshop by combining storage components such as our industrial grade cabinetries, tool compartments and steel cast storage cases and surfaces that are specifically designed and built into your workshop, for exactly the line of work and purpose in which you choose to be active in.

We offer an exclusive line of design concepts and products that will entirely change the environment of your workshop. Our range of load bearing shelving systems, Slatwall panels for hanging tools, steel tool/hardware cases, steel drawers and cabinets with built-in tool arrangement compartments, will reimagine your workshop into a place where virtually anything is possible!

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Our design team is ready and eager to come over to your workshop and discuss the applicable possibilities of your new space with regards to your exact requirements and desired aspects of performance.

The Design Process involves the exciting and innovative use of state-of-the-art 3-D Imaging in order to take your specific workspace and incorporate all the desired solutions and design concepts initially considered and rendering a near perfect perception of your new workshop that allows you to test out the prospect design theory in both esthetic appearance and functional capability! We will work on as many renditions as needed in order to achieve your ideal workshop and come up with the perfect storage solution concepts and interior design elements until you are ready to have us commence the installment.

We offer Free Estimates on the final chosen project once you are satisfied with what’s being shown by the 3-D virtual model of your completed workshop.

Call us today and found out how easy it is to take the first step towards the workshop of your dreams and see what a difference it makes to take advantage of our incredible space efficiency and storage solution options in creating a workshop built for success!


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